Small Window Air Conditioner

Keep your abode cool and comfy without having to spend a lot with a small window air conditioner

The Different Types of Air Conditioners

Are getting ready to purchase a new or a replacement air conditioner unit this year? A typical HVAC expert will recommend various types of air conditioners depending on the intended application. In addition, the size of the area, the heat generated by that area, and user’s preference will be taken into account when choosing a particular type for a home or establishment. To give you a better understanding of each type, this article has compiled them all for you.

What Are The Mains Types of Air Conditioners

  • Window Air Conditioners

These air conditioners – even if they are small window air conditioner – are built to fit right in the window sills. Typically, a window AC unit consists of several components including condenser, compressor, evaporator, expansion coil, and enclosed cooling coil. And because it only has a single unit, window ACs are easier to install and maintain.

  • Split Type Air Conditioners

These air conditioning kits are composed of two units – one for indoors and another for outdoors. The main unit, namely the indoor unit, takes in warm air and then brings out cool air. On the other hand, the outdoor unit draws the warm air out. This unit also holds the system’s compressor and connects to the indoor unit through electric cables and drain pipes.

  • Tower Air Conditioners

Also referred to as floor-standing air conditioners, these types of air conditioners also consists of two units, just like the split type. The only difference is that the indoor unit does not require wall installation. Instead, it is placed right in the floor where it consumes a little amount of space. Tower air conditioners are the best ACs for you if you need high levels of cooling capacity for a large room.

  • Cassette Air Conditioners

These air conditioners are shaped like cassettes, hence the name cassette AC. Designed for ceiling installation, these ACs have a panel that are purposely made to match the decors of the room. In most cases, cassette ACs do not require ducting and usually, they are best used in rooms with huge spaces where using split type or window ACs is not sufficient.

The Best Window Air Conditioners For Small Homes and Apartments

As you can see, there are many types of air conditioners that you can choose from. Based on your room’s space and budget, you can now choose a particular type that will perfectly meet your air conditioning needs. But before doing so, do not forget to visit the internet to see consumer reviews to make sure that you’ll come up with something that will give the best value for your money.