Small Window Air Conditioner

Keep your abode cool and comfy without having to spend a lot with a small window air conditioner

The Ultimate Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Are you tired and confused when you checked the available air conditioning units out in the market because of the different brands and models that offers the same features? Most brands of air conditioners work excellently to give every room the coolness that it needs. Some of them even come with advanced and useful features such as built-in timer, digital display, touchpad and remote control. However, there are still a few that are noisy during operation and fail to cool the area every time a power outage strikes. That being said, a buyer will need to use an air conditioner buying guide to make it easier for him to figure out the right unit for their home.

Guide on Buying Air Conditioner Units

Beginner’s Guide When Buying Air Conditioners

For beginners, following these steps is the best way to start.


  • Get the correct size.

Apparently, a small window air conditioner is good for cooling a room that has limited space. If the area is bigger, then your AC should adjust to it as well. Failure to do so will not give you enough cooling or if too much, will leave you with a clammy room.

  • Go for the one with less noise.

This is extremely important, especially if you are someone who is a light-sleeper. A good model should be quiet – silent in such a way that only the noise of the running fan will be the noise you’ll hear.

  • Check the unit’s power supply.

Examine the type of plug that the AC have. Does it fit the plug in your outlet/wall socket? If so, also check if it can handle the unit’s operation once it started running. Small models run on a 115V outlet; while bigger ones may need the use of a dedicated circuit that uses 208V.

  • Ask for the warranty.

Another important step on this air conditioner buying guide is knowing the type of warranty the brand offers. Most air conditioner models come with a standard one-year warranty.  But if you are lucky, you can spot a brand that is backed by a 5-year warranty on parts. To know more about AC warranties, simply ask the store representative.

  • Know the unit’s energy rating.

Just so you know, an air conditioner’s energy rating tells how energy efficient the unit is. Nowadays, ACs are rated anywhere one to 10 stars; so be sure to watch out for star rating stickers on the unit’s body if you want something that will consume less energy and still works efficiently.

Convenient Small Window Air Conditioner For Your Bedroom

By using the air conditioner buying guide above, you’ll definitely find the right air conditioning unit for your home. Take the guide with you the next time you hit your favorite appliance store and surely, you will never go wrong.