Small Window Air Conditioner

Keep your abode cool and comfy without having to spend a lot with a small window air conditioner

Vertical Window Air Conditioner For Small And Narrow Window

How do you beat the heat during summer? When you have a narrow window, vertical window air conditioner is the answer to beat the heat during summer. Typically, windows like these are found in crowded cities where the apartments are small. You can also use this type of AC unit if you have French style window casement when the frame is high and narrow. Vertical air conditioner window unit keeps your home comfortably cool without you having to modify you most beloved narrow window.


White Vertical Mount Air Conditioners For Sale

Installing a Window Air Conditioner Vertical Unit

The style of your window identifies what type of AC you will need. If you have windows that open to right instead of up and down, you surely have a narrow-window dilemma. But, hold on! Do not ever think of having your regular window AC installed vertically. It will not function and your money will go down the drain. Instead, buy the right air conditioner vertical window that you need.

These are the steps on installing small window air conditioner:

  • Measure your window slot.
  • Go to a hardware store and look for casement that matches the size of your window, or at least the nearest measurement encasement.
  • Place the AC on the casement or chassis.
  • Screw to secure.
  • Fill the space with the AC and the sill. You may use plexiglass or silver coated styrofoam for this.
  • Weather-proof your window. Since the Ac unit is the only protection you have from the outdoor to your home, you can use weather stripping to seal the AC securely. This can keep out drip from rain, additional heat from the sun to your home and even, insects during the night.
  • Change your curtains to thicker ones if you are currently using the thin ones. Heat from the outside can easily penetrate thin curtain that will make your AC unit to work double time.
  • Adjust temperature and enjoy.


How To Install A Vertical Window Air Conditioner In Your Room

Picking the Best AC for Vertical Windows

You may use these suggestions for selecting the AC unit that is best for your small window:

  • Choose an energy sufficient air conditioner unit.
  • Ask for top brands. Popular brands are more expensive than other not-so-frequently-heard brand name. However, their performance is proven by many users. You can rest your confidence on their best performance.
  • Go for quiet AC. You do not like the ones who can disturb you with a strong buzzing sound when you turn them on. Ask the store personnel for suggestion.
  • Ask for warranty


Top Brands of Vertical Window Air Conditioner?

You can choose any of these brands:

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Sharp

The shape of your window determines the AC form and type that you want to buy. If you have small windows or window that open from left to right, you need not to get problematic about it. Vertical window air conditioner is the solution for French windows, narrow windows and windows that slides from right to left.